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The Unex Personal Voice Amplifier is a brand new voice amplification system that is sensitive enough to amplify dramatically even the faintest of voices for up to 12 hours.

With an 18 watt digital voice amplifier providing high power audio output and clear sound quality, the user can control the volume and pitch of their own voice in different environments, indoors or outdoors.

Designed to help young or elderly people with voice disorders or acquired communication difficulties, that have resulted from Parkinson’s, multiple system atrophy, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, suffering a stroke, or other vocal damage resulting from surgery around the vocal chords or voice box.

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For people with a weak or strained voice, possibly caused by vocal damage, or for people who rely on projecting their voices for a long period of time and therefore using their voice intensively, this voice amplifier will maintain volume and clarity over that period of time without straining or causing further damage to the voice.

Can assist by enhancing even the faintest of voices with minimal effort required by the user, thus giving the user more confidence, and helping control the volume of his or her voice amongst a group of people.

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  • Powerful 18watts RMS output
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Excellent clarity
  • Small, discreet & lightweight
  • Pitch modulator to vary the sound of your voice
  • Low acoustic feedback with inbuilt noise filtering
  • Rechargeable with over 12 hours battery life
As Speech and Language Therapists we commonly support people whose voices have lost considerable volume.This has a significant impact on their communication and interaction with those around them. This Unex Personal Voice Amplifier is a small, lightweight and cost effective solution and has the added benefit of being compatible withmobile phone technology to amplify the outgoing voice.
Rachel Nashed Msc RCSLT

Joint Clinical Lead for Voice Speech and Language Therapy Service, Torbay Hospital


Ultra Slim Headset Microphone (neutral)

Code HP9633

£18 +VAT

Ultra Slim Headset Microphone (black)

Code HP9632

£18 +VAT

Clip-on Neck Band Throat Microphone

Code TM9630

£21 +VAT

Adhesive Pad Throat Microphone

Code TM9631

£21 +VAT

Looking after your voice

  • Keep your vocal cords well hydrated: try drinking two litres of water a day. Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Always have a bottle of water to hand and take a sip whenever you feel the urge.
  • Encourage others to come closer to you so that they can hear you.
  • Take regular breaths to avoid straining at the end of sentences.
  • Avoid talking against background noise.
  • Do not shout or whisper and avoid long telephone calls.
  • If you feel sore from using your voice, give it a rest for 30 minutes to an hour.
  • Avoid throat clearing as it can irritate your throat further.
  • If you suffer from heartburn, indigestion, or reflux, seek medical advice.
  • Keep your home humidified by opening windows when you return home. (Avoid hot, dry environments).
  • If you use an inhaler, rinse your mouth after use.
  • Chewing a non-mint based gum often (particularly gum containing bicarbonate of soda) may help generate saliva and relax the muscles around the throat through repetitious movement. It may also help with reflux (flow of stomach acid/contents) into the larynx.
  • Steam inhalations can be soothing. Use them regularly. Aim for five minutes twice a day.

Replacement Parts

Sensor Pads 30 Pack (neutral)

Code AP9631

£12 +VAT

Foam Mouth Pieces (black)

Code HS4067

£7 +VAT

Charger 9v DC -0.65A (black)

Code RC105A

£12 +VAT

Headset Microphone (black)

Code HM105A

£15 +VAT

Clip-on Lapel Microphone (black)

Code LM105A

£15 +VAT

Carry Case and Organiser (black)

Code CC105A

£12 +VAT

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